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Located in the heart of New York City.

Our editors tell fashion, celebrity and jewelry stories that not only educate, but inspire shoppers to dream big and color outside the fashion lines.

Immediately after a fashion designer Melissa Joanne and her husband Michael Dibbs have had their first baby, they were inspired to start a new business venture!

Johnny Cage


Diversity & Colors!

While we are following the minimalistic trends of a modern kids’ clothing fashion, we’re also delving into the world of bright colors, new hues, and daring designs! Our clothes will make your kid’s personality truly stand out!

Covering ages from 0 to 17!

If you’re a parent of a child aged from his or her first few days well into the high school madness of the teenage years, we’ve got you covered! Our clothing & shoes will fit kids of all ages, keeping style & hip look intact!

Special Collections for Teens!

We know how difficult it is to buy clothing for your picky teenager kids (as we’ve been teens ourselves). That means that while we focus on making our teenage clothing collections hip and cool, we make it stylish and chic as well!

Baby Food, Toys & More!

Though our major retail is fixed on kids’ clothing and shoe items, we also have an additional category or two to offer! Here you’ll be able to find a perfect toy for your kid’s leisure and development, just as well as organic baby food!